on localhost work - on server doesn't work

Jan 28, 2010 at 1:08 AM

thank you very much for great component. I really appreciate it.

if you use antivirus as kasperky,
progress bar doesn't work on server,
-- if you wait, flaxian still uploads the file but progress bar doesnt work --
- at localhost it works -

i also check http://www.flajaxian.com/flajaxian.com/docs/default.aspx#demo page. 
same thing happen.  when you close antivus it works.

when you close antivirus everything ok.

i think Kaspersky anti banner blocks it. my version is 7.0
but  in some sites which use banners with swfbject not blocked
i googled tags with - swfobject kaspersky block - but i can't find useful information.

is that any way to solve this ?