multiple file upload, post back to same page

Jun 10, 2009 at 3:44 PM

I have a page where users upload photos, and after each upload the page is refreshed (via javascript) to display thumbnails of the photos the user just uploaded.  This is working great with single uploads, but when the user uploads multiple files at once, not all the files in that batch will be displayed.  They get uploaded, and all my code-behind executes properly, they just won't display unless I hit F5 to refresh the screen again (even though the javascript just did it).  Any suggestions?  Again, this is only with multiple uploads.  Is it possibly some sort of timing issue where the page is refreshing before the upload is complete?  With each upload, I have code executing in the FileReceived event handler (to record the filename into an object), and my javascript refresh is triggered from fileStateChanged.