Flajaxian does not work correctly in server

Aug 22, 2011 at 9:59 PM


I've got a problem with Flajaxian, on localhost and on the test server, it works fine! but on the official server (published) sometimes the upload fail.

When someone sends a file, the progress bar gets green as completed status, but the filename in the component becomes red and nothing happens, the upload simply fail. No error message are displayed.

The error occurs a few times, is intermittent, but can cause dissatisfaction with our clientes.

How may I fix it? please, I really need help. Thank you very much!


PS: The curious thing is the fact that the same application on teste server and on the "pré-official" server works really fine, but in the real one (the production server) we've got a bad luck.

      Maybe can be some browser configuration? I'm stuck on it.